Q. How much is an Estimate?
A. Free! Estimates are always Free! Anytime, M-F 8/6!

Q. How do I get an Estimate?
A. It's usually best to see the item. Drive or bring it in. If you can't bring it in, Email a picture.

Q. What do I do after an accident?
A. If there are any injuries or if the vehicle is blocking traffic and/or become immobile CALL 911! Otherwise, pull over safely and exchange insurance information (Driver's License Info, Insurance Company & Policy #, Year/Make/Model of car(s) involved). Take pictures of the scene if you can. If you need a tow and have AAA call them. Or the Police will dispatch a tow company that will cost a small fortune. If you need a local tow M-F 9-7 Zelmer’s Towing 503-285-8241 are the best! Have the tow company tow it to your preferred body shop, not the tow yard! Contact your insurance agent or company as soon as possible. Even if you believe it is NOT your fault, the other party is likely contacting them too. Make contact with other party's insurance company. The Claim # important, make sure you get that and keep it handy during this process. As always feel free to contact Superior Performance if you have any other specific questions.

Q. How long will repairs take?
That depends, but for the most part we like to get them in and out so you are without your vehicle for the least amount of time. Beginning at 2 days when paint work is involved.

Q. Do you have a ' Loaner Car' available?
A. If you do not have car rental insurance and are unable to make other arrangements while your car is in repair, Yes we do. They aren't pretty or special, but they will get you from A to B. Please let us know a head of time so that we can reserve it for you.

Q. What kind of Cars do you work on?
 All kinds! All Years, Makes, Models. Sometimes not even cars... Motorcycles, Campers, Boats, Lawn mowers, Cannons, Horse Trailers, Mailboxes! Oh yea, the list goes on.....

Q. Do you work with My Insurance Company?
 We work with ALL insurance companies to provide hassle-free service in a timely manner. Restoring your vehicle to Pre-Loss condition. We use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) and CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association) parts upon request.

In Oregon you have the choice where you get your car repaired!
We specialize in O.O.P.S. (Out of Pocket Specialists), repairs for those who have the unfortunate expense of having to fix their mistake.  
All Estimates are FREE and can be emailed to save you time.  We offer a FREE LOANER CAR (reservation required) while your car is being repaired. Deductible assistance available on a case by case basis. We offer a LIFE TIME LIMITED GUARANTEE on our paint products.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us!