F.A.Q About Estimates

Question: How much do you charge for estimates?

Answer: Nothing! Estimates are always free.

Question: How long do estimates take?

Answer: About 10-15 minutes. Or if you are running short on time, we can take photos and notes and email you an estimate. 

Question: Does this estimate count as an insurance estimate?

Answer: For some insurance companies (such as USAA, PEMCO, Liberty Mutual...), yes. If we get your claim number, we can forward the estimate and photos to the insurance company and they will deal with us directly, taking a load of your shoulders.

For other insurance companies (State Farm, Progressive, Allstate...), no. They would like one of their field adjusters to come out and put physical eyes on it, either here, at your work or at your home. 

Question: How long are your estimates valid?

Answer: Estimates are valid for 2 years. Please remember, if there are replacement parts on your estimate, part prices do change over time. Your estimate might be a little bit more than originally quoted if that is the case.