Our showroom is where we feature some "resident" cars and some customer cars we have restored or repaired here at Superior Performance. 

Take a peek at a few of the cars we have on display:

1974 MG BGT

After a quick polish and touch up, this MG squeezes in perfectly in our currently crammed showroom. Well-kept and beautifully original, it has earned it's place under the lights. 

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1926 Dodge Brothers Series 116 Sedan

Blast from the past! Rightfully sitting in our MOPAR corner, this '26 Dodge is in impeccable condition. A looking glass into the past, this car is a great example in showing us how far we have come with modern-day cars.

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1967 Pontiac GTO

A fan favorite and long time "resident" car, this goat is always turning heads and bringing back memories. Maybe it's the unique color (not ALL GTOs are red, ya know), or the vintage Z100 sticker, it always has people talking. 

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