Collision Repair

Dents & Minor Repairs

Having a collision is never a great experience, picking the wrong repair facility can make it even worse. Choosing a shop like Superior Performance that has been in business for 20 years, and has a highly trained staff dedicated to the customer, will give you the comfort of knowing you will truly get back to where you belong.

Our staff will work with your Insurance company, advocating on your behalf, to ensure your repair is done according to the Oregon Insurance Law specifications and your rights as an insurance consumer are upheld.

Step One

Collision repair is a necessity here in Portland. With the rain, heavy traffic and occasional snowfall, a fender bender to full side collision could happen at any time. If this happens to you, do not continue to drive if your car impedes on your safety. Call us at 503-285-4667
We can arrange to have your car towed, or if your able to, bring it by for a free estimate. 

Step Two

A complimentary estimate is provided. Damage is assessed and we work with all Insurance companies, whether they be local to Portland or national, we ensure our body shop works hard for you. Auto collision can be a stressful time, we want to help ease that. 

Loaner Cars: If you do not have rental car insurance, we can provide you with a loaner car with an advanced notice. These are not new leased vehicles that you need to worry about, but rather dependable vehicles that allow our customers to carry on with their day to day routines without having to worry about tearing up a new leather seat.  

Step Three

The collision repair begins. When you decide to work with Superior Performance, you decide to work with the best Auto Collision Repair in Portland. We start the repair process immediately. We order as many parts as we can locally, providing faster turn around times and the quality reassurance from buying OEM in the US. Feel free to call or email to check in on the status of your car. The process time itself varies on a multitude of variables, we work hard to control as many of those as we can, and will keep you updated as things change. 

Step Four

Completion. We will call you when your car is ready! A body shop in Portland needs to take pride in the product to the people it serves. Safety is our number one concern, coupled with quality. We step up to the plate with both. Our work is guaranteed as long as you own your car or truck. We are able to do this by using on quality products, techs and facilities. People don't refer businesses on good service, they refer businesses on great service.  Stop by today to see what we can do for you.

"Put my challenger back together like new! They do quality work." – Jacob Balderas | Facebook Review

"By far the best shop and best prices in town! They did an excellent job on my daughter's car and even fixed a couple of other door dings while they were working on it for next to nothing extra! All of our cars will go there for bodywork from now on. Thanks Superior Performance." - Kim Butler
| Facebook Review

 "Superior came highly recommended and they didn't let me down.  The customer service from the receptionist was an A+ from beginning to end and my car looks Aaahhmazing :) Couldn't have asked for anything more!" – Allisha A. | Yelp Review
"These guys were amazing. I had a minor incident with a rental car. They had it fixed in 4 days. Not only was it fixed faster than I expected, but they did an amazing job.  You could not tell anything had been done to the vehicle. The price was very fair. I now refer anyone needing bodywork to go here. I will never go anywhere else if I need bodywork done!" – Chris F. | Yelp Review

"Absolutely beautiful work done on our Honda Fit.  Friendly, professional, clean, straightforward.  Great communication skills.  We felt good about having our car there and when it was returned it really looked like new.  Couldn't even find seams where they had to remove the damaged parts.  I can't say enough good about this place.  They are GREAT!!" - Susan L | Yelp Review

"Superior Performance did an amazing job on my beautiful Mopar. Quality work, very professional. Just dropped off my car and they did the rest. 
Bob and Jeannie are awesome!!
All my vehicles will forever be Superior!!" Terry G | Facebook Review